4 Key Steps To Having A Successful Company Product Launch Or Event
11.02.2018 11:28
1. Include An Email Strategy

This is a no-brainer, but it's so simple that people often forget to do it. When building a communications strategy for a launch or event, remember to include email strategy. Create a simple landing page, build an email list and run an email marketing campaign that entices people to attend your event. Also, offer them some educational or entertaining tidbits in your email communications. - Matthew Tagliavia, InventHelp

2. Make It Relatable

I think the most important step is creating a compelling, relatable aspect to your communications strategy. In technology, it's very important not to enter the echo chamber of communications, which many tech marketers fall into, by using indecipherable acronyms or addressing the audience without proper preambles of technology background. It’s essential to make it relatable on a human and professional level. - MaryAnn Holder-Browne, One Network Enterprises

3. Align Your Messaging

When we launch a product, we patent your idea make sure to strategically align our messaging across multiple internal disciplines, including marketing, sales and product. Doing so ensures messaging consistency across channels, and it also eliminates redundancies and simplifies communication to our audiences. - Christopher Yeich, Dun & Bradstreet

4. Take Time To Strategize

A well-thought-out communications strategy is like a puzzle waiting to be put together. If you take the time to think about how all those individual pieces come together and how each one fits with the next, you can bring it all together in a way that works. - Julie Rogers, Grand Hotel


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